Personal musings on CS

I was pleased to be asked to discuss my thoughts about customer success by Dave Blake and Burke Adler of Client Success. We covered a lot of material in 45 mins including: A review of the current state of CS and the challenges we face.An introduction to product-led CSThoughts about where CS is headed. The... Continue Reading →

Delivering a return on a customer's investment in your product is key to retention in B2B SaaS. That's why a robust success plan built on a deep understanding of your chosen customer is the most important item in the customer success toolkit. You can't claim to be remotely interested in CS without one. The topic... Continue Reading →

Ideal customer profiles define good fit customers. They are key to aligning the whole company. But how do you know if they are working. Here are ten metrics that will help you understand the quality of your ICP.

Product-led customer success embeds the process of delivering the customer's desired goal into a B2B SaaS product. This short articles outlines the business case, including a financial model to help you determine the impact on your company's P&L and valuation.

How good is your Success Plan?

Success plans set out how a company guides the customer to the value/ROI they purchased your software for. ¬†They are therefore at the core of customer success: the means by which SaaS Customer Success deliver on their purpose.¬† Having built and reviewed success plans for a range of companies, I have developed a maturity model... Continue Reading →

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