Profitably satisfy, retain and grow chosen customers is the recipe for success in SaaS businesses. It’s why customer success is one of the fastest growth areas in the SaaS field.  Whilst there’s lots of interest and discussion, there’s little practical, on-the-job help for CEO’s and CS leaders that struggle to make it happen. That all changes with the introduction of the Customer Success Leadership Program a FREE resource from TheCustomer.Co.

The Customer Success Leadership Program℠ guides B2B SaaS CEO’s and others charged with increasing Net Revenue Retention (NRR).  Using proven approaches for the key areas of customer success backed up by a library of resources, expert coaching and peer discussions, the program delivers practical approaches for CEO’s and CS Leaders in B2B SaaS. The first four modules are:

The following modules are under development and will be launched later:

  • Forecasting and managing retention, including building a robust approach to measuring customer health.
  • Product-led customer success setting out the case and approach to building customer success into the product.
  • Recruiting & developing CS talent. This will include template job descriptions and a guide to CS compensation.
  • Building your CS organisation, including that all important element of culture.
  • CS as a sales channel.
  • Data model and technology infrastructure to maximise CS productivity

Online delivery lets you build a learning path to suit you: anytime, anyplace; anywhere! And the best of all – it’s FREE! Click here for access.