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Have you got SaaS customer success all wrong?

You have this great idea for a SaaS product.  

You build it and get your first 50 customers.

You build a support team to help your customers use your product.

Your customer count grows to a few hundred but too many churn.

You build a customer success team to help your customers achieve their goals.

You are growing but have not really cracked how to profitably scale retention and upsell.

You need Customer Success 2.0!

Customer Success 2.0 is summed in the seven points below.

  • Product is the primary vehicle for delivering customer success.  The need for a large CS team could indicate significant product shortfalls.
  • Product-led customer success guides and supports the customer in making the organisational changes they need (process and people) to best exploit your product.
  • Product/market fit is achieved when you have successful customers, not just buyers
  • A single view of the customer is a must have.
  • The CS metrics that really matters track the number, scale and speed of customers achieving their goals.
  • CS is built around a view of ideal customers common across the company.
  • Customer success is a quota carrying, revenue generating contributor to growth.

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How we help

Your challenge

You need scalable and profitable NRR to maximise the value of your business.

Who are you?

We work only with CEO’s, Heads of Customer Success and Heads of Product in B2B SaaS companies.  You are committed to driving the financial performance of your company by delivering customer goals through a great, product-led customer experience.

What we do

We help you build a deep understanding of customers’ goals and translate that into the product, processes and people you need to profitably win, satisfy, retain and grow your chosen customers.

The following are examples of projects we undertake:

  • Customer Success Growth Program
  • SaaS B2B Customer Success assessment.  Check out the free version here
  • Building a business model (P&L) for customer success
  • CS processes to deliver customers’ desired outcomes
  • Churn analysis and churn forecast process design
  • Customer journey mapping and design
  • Product storyboarding for product-led customer success
  • Building a deep understanding of your customer’s goals
  • Building a technology stack to support CS2.0
  • CS2.0 organisation design: roles, recruitment and compensation design

We have also worked with investors to improve customer success of their portfolio companies and due-diligence for new acquisitions.

Contact us for an initial free of charge discussion.

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