What is B2B Sales Excellence in the Customer Age? Hint: Not Just a Numbers Game 

Bob Apollo is one of the people I turn to when looking for ideas around sales.  This post from him (via CustomerThink) is the first of a series I will be following.  Over to Bob.

During the course of 2016, I’m intending to share a series of articles on “B2B Sales Excellence in the Customer Age”, and thought it would be useful to start by offering my explanation as to exactly what this theme involves and what I’m aiming to cover.

At a very simple level, you might think of sales excellence in terms of consistently and predictably achieving or exceeding your sales targets – and of course this is a very easily accessible way of measuring sales performance.

But I believe that sales excellence involves much more than that. Sales is more – or should be more – than simply a numbers game. Achieving your sales target by getting your customers to do things that aren’t in their best interests is no recipe for lasting sales success at either the individual or organisation level.

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