A to Z of Customer Success

A bit of fun!

Artificial intelligence.  Including machine learning, the technologies that are going to make the biggest impact on CS over the next five years.

Best practices.  How successful companies with you ideal customer profile address the challenges your product addresses.

Context.  The customer’s current situation – the starting point for your advice and guidance, even if it doesn’t fit with your pre-determined customer journey.

Data. The fuel that underpins the insights and actions that help drive customers to achieve value.

Experience.  How the customer feels when interacting with your company.

Feedback.  The all important voice of the customer and employee; too often confused with surveys, which is just a small part of feedback.

Guidance. Advice delivered primarily through your application that helps customers achieve their goals.

Health score.  The model of how much a company is likely to continue to do business with us.  Problem is, most health scores don’t include customer ROI, which is the heart of customer health!

Insights.  What we derive from customer data that helps to understand and guide customers to achieve value.  

Jobs to be done. Understanding the customers’ tasks, metrics and challenges as a foundation for designing your product to guide the customer to success

KPIs. How your customer measures their work and the value of your software in achieving their goals

Learning. Training is not enough; study & practice is how the Chinese define learning

Mutuality.  The place where the success for customers and the company profitably co-exist.

Next best action.  A process for determining the next action for a customer based on customer data. A superior approach to pre- determined customer journeys.  

Outcome pricing.  A customer pays in proportion to the value they gain from your application.  It takes customer success to a whole new level!

Product. The primary vehicle for guiding the customer to achieve their value.

Quality. Like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder – your customer!

Retention.  The expected outcome of continually delivering customer value.

Single customer view. Everything you should know about your customer; often not what you currently do know!

Trust.  The basis of a sound customer relationship.  

Up-sell.   Increasing net revenue retention by selling more to existing customers.

Value.  How the customer measures the ROI of your product.

Win-back What is required when the customer has decided to leave.  A sign of poor customer success.  

X-sell. Increasing net revenue by selling additional products to existing customers.  (Okay I cheated a bit).  

Yes!  What you want customers to reply when asked “Have you achieved your goals?”

Zero logo churn.  One of the goals of customer success.  

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