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Anyone who follows my work will know how passionate I am about CS and particularly in placing the product front and centre of delivering customer success.  After getting some great feedback on the idea and many requests for more information, I have produced an e-book covering the main points.  Download your free copy.

I am particularly excited by the work of some companies (unfortunately yet to be disclosed) who are working on building products that deliver CS ‘out of the box’.  I am confident that they are the vanguard of many more to come.

I would love to hear your thoughts; just add  your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Product-led CS ebook

  1. Dave,

    If you took your key point and did 2-3 paragraphs about it to start a discussion in The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn, you could then post the link to the e-book in a **comment after the initial post. (The link can’t be in the initial post itself — but I think that we could get a good discussion going around the idea that the product has to bear the burden of delivering and scaling customer success.

    As we’re just about to reach the 30K membership point worldwide in the forum, I think that it would be good exposure for your work.



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