The growth of customer success has created increased complexity and disconnected processes. Let's rebuild CS around the process of delivering ROI for customers.

2028: A HISTORY OF CUSTOMER SUCCESS. It's fascinating looking back 10 years. Wasn't it quaint how we thought about #customersuccess #saas

Embedding the success process in the product is the future of customer success. Read the what, why and how of product-led CS in this new e-book.

A bit of fun! Artificial intelligence.  Including machine learning, the technologies that are going to make the biggest impact on CS over the next five years. Best practices.  How successful companies with you ideal customer profile address the challenges your product addresses. Context.  The customer’s current situation - the starting point for your advice and... Continue Reading →

This blog is a summary of an upcoming e-book "Product-led Customer Success". As CEO of Clicktools, one of the UK’s first SaaS companies, I was always seeking better ways to deliver profitable growth.  I have been an advocate of customer focus since the late 80’s: actions therefore were always based on the premise that what... Continue Reading →

SaaS = Success as software The importance of retention to a B2B SaaS product is well understood.  Typically, a company thinks about building a customer success team to address churn when product/market fit and scalable acquisition have been mastered.  I fundamentally disagree with both the timing and approach.  Retention is so vital to growth, and... Continue Reading →

AI is going to make a significant difference to customer success and sooner than most people think.

This blog explores how AI will impact customer success.

It is widely accepted that customer success starts with product and sales.  I have covered product here and now I want to talk about the importance of Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) to customer success. A personal prejudice: I dislike personas as beloved of many marketers.  Too many examples I have seen describe Tony or Antoinette,... Continue Reading →

Product is one of the biggest gaps between theory and practice when it comes to customer success.  The problem in most companies is that customer success is added as a function or team to help the customer achieve success with the product.  Just think about what that really says.  We have built this product to... Continue Reading →

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