Product-led customer success embeds the process of delivering the customer's desired goal into a B2B SaaS product. This short articles outlines the business case, including a financial model to help you determine the impact on your company's P&L and valuation.

New announcements focus on building a single customer view. These are meaningless unless they deliver real benefits to customers, not just the company.

It's fascinating looking back 10 years. Wasn't it quaint how we thought about #customersuccess

This blog is a summary of an upcoming e-book "Product-led Customer Success". As CEO of Clicktools, one of the UK’s first SaaS companies, I was always seeking better ways to deliver profitable growth.  I have been an advocate of customer focus since the late 80’s: actions therefore were always based on the premise that what... Continue Reading →

AI is going to make a significant difference to customer success and sooner than most people think.

This blog explores how AI will impact customer success.

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