When it comes to customer success, there is a significant gap between words and deeds.  Commentators talk about customer success as an organisation wide capacity, a philosophy that underpins everything a company does.  I agree with this.  My problem is that most companies then fall back on traditional approaches when it comes to implement customer success.

I have been active in the field of customer focus since 1988 – I am that old!  I have used the same guiding philosophy that customer focus is about “everything an organisation does to win, satisfy and retain its chosen customers better than the competition”.  Across the years, customer focus has gone through many guises with many labels each adding its own twist and each with a slightly different focus.  I have always come back to that definition, tested it and found it holds good.

The latest, approach spawned by the growth of subscription businesses, led by SaaS companies, is customer success.  The focus on delivering value to customers, helping them achieve their desired outcomes is right but not new.  In the 1950’s, Peter Drucker declared that the purpose of a company was to win and keep a customer.  How can you keep a customer if you do not deliver value in terms they decide?

The purpose of what will be a series of blog articles and practical resources is to help leaders of B2B SaaS companies implement customer success and suggest practices that match the underlying philosophy.  The objective is to deliver a better customer experience: an experience that drives profitable retention, up/cross-sell and referrals at scale.

Why Customer Success 2.0?  Well every idea needs a new label, so why not!

I look forward to sharing my prejudices and sharing some tools and techniques that have worked for me and mistakes I and others have made in the hope that you can avoid them.  You can find relevant blog entries using the tag CS 2.0.

I hope you will share your thoughts, criticisms and experiences and together, we can generate practical tools to help our customers and our companies achieve mutual success.