Looking for a keynote speaker?  Here’s what people have said about David’s previous presentations.

“Thank you very much for the presentation you made to the Strategic Planning Society.  You pulled in one of the largest groups.  Your presentation was very well received and its content was, as always, excellent.”

Strategic Planning Society

“I have grown old and bored listening to awful presentations and reading awful materials for awful presentations.  Yours was an exception and I liked it very much.  The opening was excellent, common sense runs through it and you picked examples that related to your audience.  Congratulations”.

Peter Moyes,  Digital Equipment Company

 “Your session was very well received indeed with some of the highest evaluations received for any speaker I have had.  Your approach was different to any they had had before and certainly has made my members [and me] think.  Thank you very much.”

Madeleine Mackay, Chairman Vistage Group

“When I said at the evening of the Chartered Institute of Marketing that you had given us a good lecture, I meant it.  Not only was its delivery clearly that of an experienced speaker, but also your emphasis on the importance of attitude was a breath of fresh air after the preoccupation with textbook knowledge, which we get all too often”.

Bob Ferguson, Chartered Institute of Marketing

 “Thank you for an excellent presentation to the group.  You really struck a chord and their personal action summaries will keep them very busy.  One member summed up the feeling of the group:  “David has a lot of valuable things to say and had the breadth of knowledge to back up his points with theory and practical examples.” It has been a pleasure working with such a professional.”

Coilin Heavey, Chairman Vistage Group

“A good one to finish on – clear, concise and witty”. “Basic, simple and real.  Excellent”. “Good end to the two days.  Very informative and entertaining”. “Good concise and punchy”. “Very good and interesting.  Really enjoyed it.”

Comments from participants at “Re-engineering Customer Relationships”

 “As Chairman, you introduced the speakers extremely well and closed all the presentations with some very pertinent comments.  Time keeping was excellent.  You were very well received by the delegates and speakers alike.  Comments such as “good, clear and concise”, “well managed and good summing up”, very good, kept the conference flowing well”, were typical.

Emma Dawson, Conference Manager, ICM

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