On this page you will find a library of papers, assessments and tools to help you on you journey to implement B2B SaaS Customer Success.

If there is anything you would like us to add, just let us know: no promises but we will try our best.

SaaS B2B Customer Success Assessment

Have you set customer success up to succeed?  Try our simple assessment to find out.

Customer Lifecycle Playbook template

Getting the whole organisation focused on thoughtfully chosen target customers and aligning  acquisition, retention and up-sell activities is key.  This template will help you think through the design of your buyer and customer journeys.

Customer Health Workbook

Understanding the state of relationships with customers is key to identifying both customers at risk and up-sell opportunities.  This workbook, based on a workshop delivered at Pulse Europe 17 will help you get your health score fit for purpose.

Building a Culture of Customer Focus

Culture for customer focus  examines the role of culture in building a customer focused organisation.

Culture is the game because of its pervasive nature.  It shapes how people behave at work; their freedom and willingness to do the right thing and the metrics and processes the company implements.  Culture is not something separate from the rest of the company. Rather it is an emergent property: the outcome of the many components that shape it.  It is this circular nature that makes culture change difficult.  The things that need to change are the very things that are shaping the company.  It is akin to  changing the wings on a plane whilst flying it!

Click here to download the paper.

Building a consulting business

A few people have asked me for advice on setting up their own consulting business.  Have done this a few times so have captured my approach and share it in the hope it will help others.  Download my personal musings here.

SaaS Business Effectiveness Framework

I have been involved in a few startup and early growth-stage SaaS businesses with the scars to prove it!  In this time I have learned much from fellow executives, colleagues and the wealth of published material.  Whilst detail abounds, one thing I could not find was an overview of what it takes to build a successful SaaS business so I created my own.

The SaaS Business Effectiveness Framework is a high-level summary of what founders and the emerging leadership team have to think about.  Don’t look to put all the pieces in the place in the first week, or even the first year but as you plan your growth, you will have to consider all the pieces.

Using the Framework will not guarantee your success.  There is no simple guide to finding the idea that can sustain a great business or give you the drive and tenacity that you will need.  The Framework will however help you to think about the different factors it takes to build a winning business.

Download the SaaS Business Effectiveness Framework.

Thanks for your interest.

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