Surveys: When less is more

I started a customer feedback company because I am a great believer in the power of the voice of the customer to improve business performance. You might find it surprising therefore to be concerned about the number of people sending surveys in some companies. Surely, more feedback is better; the more the voice of the customer... Continue Reading →

I recently wrote a blog on organising for customer focus, spurred by the debate about whether a Chief Customer Officer or Chief Marketing Officer should be primarily responsible for the customer experience.  My view was that who ‘owns’ the customer experience is less important than how companies engender the collaboration that is necessary to deliver... Continue Reading →

Customer Journey Mapping – art or a science? Part 1

Customer Journey Mapping is one of the most important practices within Customer Experience, however there are many different ways to do it.  Read Part 1 of this interesting article from Ian Williams of Jericho Consulting. Source: Customer Journey Mapping - an art or a science? Part 1Jericho – Customer Experience

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