How we help

Your challenges

Your go-to-market engine (marketing, sales, product and value-enablement) is disconnected leading to long sales cycle, low conversion rates, weak retention and growth.

This disconnection causes friction between teams and sub-standard productivity.

Mixed messages and disconnected teams confuse customers, raising doubts about your suitability as a supplier.

Who are you?

You’re a leader in a B2B SaaS company, probably a CEO, COO, Head of Customer Success, Chief Revenue Officer or Head of Product. You may be an investor looking to improve the performance of your portfolio companies and they grow. Whatever you’re role, you are committed to driving the financial performance by delivering the measurable value to your chosen customers that underpins repeatable new logo acquisition, retention and expansion revenues.

How we help

In a nutshell – coaching, guidance and proven tools and frameworks. We help you build a deep understanding of customers, their pain/gain points, goals and how they measure the value you deliver with your products and services. We help you translate this understanding into the product, processes and people you need to profitably win, satisfy, retain and grow your chosen customers.

Here’s a few examples of the assignments we have completed:

  • Coaching CEOs on building company-wide customer success capabilities
  • Assessment of the customer-led growth capabilities of a SaaS marketing software provider with a plan for driving improvements in NRR
  • Advising a major private equity company and venture capital providers on the development of company-wide approaches to customer success
  • Due diligence of the customer success capabilities of a ¬£500m+ target acquisition.

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