I had an invitation to talk to Bill Cushard of Service Rocket's "Helping Sells Radio".  Here's the recording of our discussion. In the podcast, we talk about: Pulse Europe 2018Product-led customer successThe importance of customer outcomes And more!  Thanks for the opportunity Bill!

The growth of customer success has created increased complexity and disconnected processes. Let's rebuild CS around the process of delivering ROI for customers.

New announcements focus on building a single customer view. These are meaningless unless they deliver real benefits to customers, not just the company.

It’s often not long into the life of a SaaS business when marketing, sales and customer success spend time blaming each other for missed revenue and retention goals:  time that would be much better spent attracting, winning, retaining and growing customers. It is a problem I faced as CEO of Clicktools, a SaaS company I... Continue Reading →

It's fascinating looking back 10 years. Wasn't it quaint how we thought about #customersuccess

Embedding the success process in the product is the future of customer success. Read the what, why and how of product-led CS in this new e-book.

Effective CSM's take an active role in managing their customers' projects.  In this guest article, Dave Duke of High Alpha explores the many projects CSM's manage.  Do you build these skills in your CSM's; if so, how?  Share your thoughts in the comments below. PS Managing customer projects involves managing customers' challenges and egos.  Perhaps the... Continue Reading →

On three separate occasions, I have left paid employment and set up my own consulting business. As a result, I have been asked on many occasions how do you go about that task. Here’s what has worked for me. Many of the things discussed can be covered in much more detail but the purpose of... Continue Reading →

Linky Brains is a new topic that has taken off on LinkedIn - #linkybrains kick-started by Doug Scott.  I think I am a linkybrain and this is a contribution to the discussion.  Is it relevant to customer success?  Yes, new ideas are needed everywhere. I am not a doctor or a brain scientist but I... Continue Reading →

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